Hygiene Therapy

Good oral hygiene is the key foundation to a healthy mouth.  By keeping your mouth healthy you can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath and reap all the benefits of better wellbeing. Our hygienists work hand in hand with our dentists offering expert advice whilst giving you the choice and control over your treatment.

We Recommend

To help support a healthy mouth our team recommend that your teeth are cleaned professionally by our hygienists at least twice a year. This includes tooth scaling to remove plaque, tooth polishing and removal of tartar to prevent cavities, gingivitis and gum disease.


Our highly skilled hygienists will carefully and gently treat your gums, removing active disease. They will also demonstrate the best techniques for your home oral hygiene care in a way that suits your needs.


Hygiene visits are essential for:


  • Gum disease

  • Scaling and polishing and stain removal

  • General oral health

  • Diet advice and decay prevention

  • Brushing technique

  • Manage bad breath

  • Advice on acids and tooth erosion

The Hygiene Shopping List

We have a range of options available to support your oral hygiene and the list below includes some of the options which can be discussed and agreed with your hygienist.

Classic Scale & Polish

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Includes: Soft tissue assessment, screening for gum disease, oral hygiene assessment and advice, ultrasonic and/or handscaling, plaque and calculus removal, standard prophy polish, dietary advice


£65 Private
Inclusive on Practice Plan

Diamond Scale & Polish

Estimated time: 30-45 minutes

Includes: As above, with increased stain removal - ideal for smokers and/or heavily stained teeth.



Full Periodontal Treatment

5-6 Visits

Includes: Detailed pocket charting, non-surgical deep ultrasonic cleaning to removed plaque and calculus from the pockets, oral hygiene advice, help stabilise periodontal disease.

Initial assessment required prior to commencing treatment for suitability and treatment planning

£650 Private
£500 on Practice Plan

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Estimated time: 45-60 minutes per appointment

Includes: Detailed pocket charting, half mouth non-surgical deep ultrasonic cleaning to help stabilise periodontal disease. Usually required periodically after full periodontal treatment.


£130 Private
£100 on Practice Plan


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